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Strobe & LED Solutionsthat outshine the rest

Custom OEM Product Examples

Throughout its 50 year history TOMAR has had numerous opportunities to apply its core technologies to solving design and sourcing problems for a variety of OEM customers and we actively seek new opportunities to do so.

Examples of TOMAR’s custom design experience:

  • Code Blue
    A company that manufactures emergency communication kiosks for parking facilities and other public places, approached TOMAR to develop a glowing blue light that calls attention to the kiosk at night.
  • Major US Manufacturer 
    TOMAR designed and manufactures a custom power supply and strobe lamp assembly for a new more stylish vehicle for a major US material handling machinery manufacturer.
  • RECT-14 Decel Light
    VTRCORP was a company with patented software technology looking for a suitable LED light to complete the product. They were introduced to our RECT-14 product through a Tomar distributor. They liked the quality and performance of the RECT-14 and thought that combining our light and their software would be a perfect for their needs.
  • Video Tolling
    A major builder and operator of turn-key video tolling and enforcement installations needed to solve a problem. How to nearly 100% reliably capture diverse vehicle license plates, from all 50 US states, with enough clarity to capture the plate numbers using optical character recognition from a gantry above the roadway, on vehicles traveling up to 120 mph.