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Tomar developed a The R14-DECEL® light, a patented deceleration sensing LED alert light that operates independent of the vehicles braking system. The R14-DECEL uses a 3 axis linear accelerometer as an inertia sensor to continuously monitor a vehicles acceleration and will activate when a reduction in forward velocity occurs. Once equilibrium has been achieved, the light deactivates. The design, which holds several innovative design patents, is based on the well-established RECT-14LS emergency warning light and integrates deceleration technology developed by VTRCORP.

VTRCORP was a company with patented software technology looking for a suitable LED light to complete the product. They were introduced to our RECT-14 product through a Tomar distributor. They liked the quality and performance of the RECT-14 and thought that combining our light and their software would be a perfect for their needs.