, DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, TOMAR Electronics Inc., TOMAR Electronics Inc.

Product Realization

The TOMAR custom design and production team includes electrical, software, mechanical, optical, and manufacturing engineers using tools such as:

  • Solidworks 3D solid body modeling software
  • Autocad
  • Tracepro optical design software
  • Prosource optical ray generation software
  • Altium PCB and assembly design suite
  • Sauna thermal analysis software
  • Matlab (simulations)
  • Keil C51 development tools
  • Microchip assembly and C IDEs
  • Photometers from International light for measuring brightness
  • Spectroradiometers from Photo Research for measuring color
  • Environmental chambers for temperature testing
  • Screen room and communications gear for RFI/EMI testing
  • Water spray chamber
  • Salt Fog chamber

Additionally, the TOMAR product realization team has access to and has utilized outside design resources when needed. TOMAR’s proximity to two of Arizona’s state universities gives TOMAR access to many engineering students and graduates. The University of Arizona in Tucson is world renowned for its optics and optical engineering program. Arizona State University in Tempe has a strong electrical and mechanical engineering program.

Manufacturing Capabilities

TOMAR’s in-house advanced production machinery and capabilities include:

  • Both surface mount and through hole production equipment
  • Lead free capability in full SMT assemblies
  • Linear vibration welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Spin welding
  • Harness building
  • Adhesive dispensing and curing
  • Encapsulation
  • Small machine shop for model building and prototyping
  • Encapsulation

Utilizing unique construction techniques, such as fully encapsulated electronics and hermetically sealed lamps, TOMAR makes the industry’s most environmentally robust products greatly exceeding the performance and environmental requirements of SAE, 13CCR22, and ECE65.

Through dedication to the highest quality design and construction standards, TOMAR has offered unmatched 10-year warranties on many of its products since 1982. TOMAR knows how to build product that lasts and TOMAR warranties back that up.

, DESIGN AND PRODUCTION, TOMAR Electronics Inc., TOMAR Electronics Inc.
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