The Envelope of Safety™ – embodies the TOMAR Electronics mission which includes solutions that serve from first alarm to end usage to keep the community and individuals safe. With so many frequencies, waves, signals, codes, visuals and communications in the world, we assure compliance and functionality with every TOMAR solution we offer. This commitment to safety – from beginning to end, from first responders to industrial and private entities – is where we thrive. The Envelope of Safety™ is your assurance that each TOMAR solution is manufactured with the highest quality and specifically with your safety in mind.


By designing and engineering each of our product solutions with the Envelope of Safety™ (EOS) as a driving principle, TOMAR Electronics builds systems that help mitigate risk for all elements of the EOS™.





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1. Safety of the Individual At Risk
  • The first element considers the person(s) in imminent risk, who need immediate resources to prevent injury.

Example: A first responder traveling to a scene with the vehicle equipped with EOS will be able to clear the way using TOMAR warning signals, preemption equipment triggers signals and lights to respond in the safest and most efficient way possible.

2. Safety of the Citizen at Risk

Element 2 of the envelope reflects the recognition that the emergency vehicles create for not just the responder but also for the general public.

Example: Products like TOMAR’s award winning Revolution Series lights increase the safety of citizens by giving ample warning and illumination to other drivers on the road and at a scene preventing accidents and providing well lit emergency scenes.

3. Safety of the First Responder & First Responder Members

Element 3 focuses on the safety of the first responders and their team.

Example: Emergency vehicle lighting, preemption, scene lighting, and communication equipment. This level establishes processes, best practices and laser foundation for continuous improvement, for the safety of the responding personnel.

4. Operational Outcomes Considered

Element 4 manages and organizes the chaotic scene a first responder arrives at. EOS element 4 provides an illuminated pathway to solutions in the dark.

Example: Predictability in a volatile situation can be challenging. These solutions coordinate communication signals between operational entities to help clear the way to a successful rescue and cut through the chaos and noise.

5. Prepare, Practice, & Save

Element 5 focuses on the preparedness and readiness. This involves everyone who is prepared, trained and financially ready to handle an event.

Example: You are able to purchase proper equipment to help you with this particular moment by spending less on maintenance, upkeep and having the confidence that TOMAR products last longer and give you the reliability factor day in and day out. Equipment failure is not a factor.

TOMAR Warranty

6. Economic Impact

Element 6 requires products that are robust, versatile and long-lived in the most challenging of environments… yours to be exact. And it all comes together when we look at the life-cycle cost of ownership. Let’s examine a worst case, a component that needs replacement. Consider all the nonproductive steps involved in removing a vehicle from service. Every failure that the Envelope of Safety™ prevents keeps your fleet in tip-top shape. May be the envelope’s safest benefit is to your operating budget.

TOMAR LED light modules can be replaced out in under a minute!

7. Environmental Impact

, ENVELOPE OF SAFETY, TOMAR Electronics Inc.The 7th element is safety for the environment. TOMAR’s award-winning Energy Star facility as well as its design elements consider the most efficient and environmental elements cognoscente of a sensitive ecosystem from creation to usage and on to longevity.

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