Fouts Bros and Tomar

Fouts Bros. is committed to developing new products that create industry best value, quality and dependability. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service, specifications and delivery times.

Fouts Bros. has designed a wide range of Standard Line model trucks that have created the best values in the Industry. These Standard models include some of the best Fire Equipment brands in the country .

Through the combination of the base design and scalable platform we have been able to create savings for all departments; no matter the size of your department or type of application.

To increase the savings, Fouts Bros. sells trucks directly to the departments – no dealers or distributors.

Departments receive trucks in a timely manner. A typical Purchase Order to Delivery lead-time is 4-6 months. How do we deliver so fast? With a streamlined 10-week production process that is fine-tuned for our most standard truck designs. All departments will participate in a preparation and specification session before the trucks are committed to the production schedule.

Fouts Bros. has developed this sales and production process that allows our customers to get the best return on time, value and money. The Fouts Bros. Sales Team will provide expert analysis on how your Department can take advantage of standard design features of our product lines; as well as, how to scale or customize your truck to meet your specific needs.

Take advantage of our sales and production expertise and purchase a truck that provides your department with the best overall value in the industry.



PACKAGED FOR SAFETY – Click here to go to our Fire/EMS page


Patented Lamp Sealing Technology

Born waterproof, each of TOMAR’s lamps traverses through a patented process to ensure the electronics and optics are free of moisture so you can not only have a better performing lighting product, but one that will decrease the overall cost of ownership which includes the reduction in costs for maintaining your lighting equipment for your agency.Our lightbars do not need a cage or additional equipment for protection! We utilize a complete extruded aluminum frame, designed for your working environment. Plastic has no business being part of the lightbar frame especially in rugged environments!

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.

Moisture Free By Design

Did you know everytime you clean your vehicle the substances that make up the cleaners and waxes breakdown the lens of your warning and scene lights? This causes micro-cracks along the edges and corners of the light. The breakdown of the lens material will eventually allow moisture to enter the lamp. We solved this problem! The Revolution lamps were designed with our patented sealing technology that is protected by a non-sealed gutter around the edge of the lamp. We used science to design a light that would last longer, be smarter, and more effective for your safety.



TOMAR’s 970L Scorpion™ lightbar maintains the rugged structure of TOMAR’s previous line of lightbars but with a modern look. With extruded aluminum housing, cast aluminum end caps, and optical Lexan light modules the 970L lightbar is built to last. The 970L lightbar includes many scalable features such as 3 or 6 LED single color or 12 LED dual color front and rear warning modules, 6 or 12 LED single color or 24 LED dual color corner modules along with LED takedowns and alley lights. With this much versatility, you are sure to find a configuration that meets your budget and performance needs.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.


Go all out or don’t go out at all! But, since you have to go, you might as well bring the dominating performance of the TRX Series with you. Using the dual color capabilities TOMAR offers to the off-road enthusiast, we’ve combined an extraordinary warning light with the unbelievable power of performance to give you more light than you’ve ever had before.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.


Responding to emergency calls is one of the most dangerous things you do. TOMAR designed the Revolution Series to ‘clear’ the chaos and remove the risk. TOMAR’s patented technology combined with the latest LED technology available, create one of the most rugged and reliable surface mounted warning and illumination lights in the industry.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.


The L-Stick is the ideal choice for a primary Warning device to clear traffic, a Traffic Director to provide visual indication for traffic movement, or a single unit that does both.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.


TOMAR is always looking out for you! By communicating with the traffic control systems, you will get more green lights and decrease your response times! With a range over 2,500 ft you will be able to move through heavy traffic quicker and safer. This system works with TOMAR’s Strobeswitch so you don’t get stuck at the gate and waste precious time.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.


Choose between a TOMAR light and siren control or a Carson Siren Package to make sure you are heard screaming down the roadway! With 100-watt to 200-watt options, and from standard siren tones to the traditional mechanical siren sound we have an option for you.

Fouts Bros., FOUTS BROS, TOMAR Electronics Inc.

NFPA Packages

Now you can get more light with fewer lights! TOMAR NFPA Compliant Packages comply with the NFPA-1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus and NFPA-1906 Standard for Fire Apparatus.

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Safely respond to the scene using the 970 Scorpion designed to have the lowest cost of ownership and to fit your budget. From standard NFPA warning configurations to the most dual color light output available in the industry, the Scorpion will help you Clear the Way.


Revolutionize your response with NFPA compliant warning light! Activate the dual or tri color capabilities of the lower zone while you’re rushing to get to the scene! Once you arrive and block the right of way the NFPA compliant light keeps you safe! Reduce chaos while you work.


Blocking the right of way is a challenge when you do not have the light you need! We go beyond NFPA standards and created a warning light that works for you on scene; literally. Flashing lights rarely help you fight a fire in the middle of the forest. Seeing what you’re doing, is believing.


Be the North Star on the front lines and reduce the risk for you and for motorists quickly approaching your scene. Allow your traffic advisor to warn motorists with 160 degrees of light where you need it. Change your warning to illumination so you can work safer.


Your work doesn’t stop when the sun goes down and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your safety in the dark! The Award Winning Revolution Series will help you reduce chaos on scene and increase your visibility. Put scene safety back into your control.


Decrease your response time and increase your safety as you traverse through green lit intersections on the way to the Wildland. We all know seconds count, and which determine attacking a brush fire or a fully engulfed forest.

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