Signal Application Tips for Power Plants (Fossil Fuel)

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This is part of our new Blog Series…Signal Application Tips by Industry.  We hope you find these helpful in determining how and where to use Tomar Signaling Products. 

The most hazardous areas and a prime area for signaling are in the coal handling area where the unloading and transport takes place.  If on water, the dock cranes usually have lights and horns on the legs.  The coals shaker building is where railcars are tipped to unload coal, and warning equipment is used here, particularly to warn of railcar movement.  The coal conveyor uses signaling (in the US, it’s required).  The 1000 series Power Alarm provides a choice of tones and is a better option than competitors’ electromechanical horns.  With the presence of coal dust, there are typically Division II areas, so again the 4375 or other CID2 models can be used.  If an audible device is warranted the 1002WEP can be utilized.

The boiler areas are usually dark, dingy, and loud, so strobe lights are preferred over audible alarms.  It is also a high temperature environment so heavy-duty strobes such as the Power Strobe or 800 series perform best.  If an audible device is needed then the multi-tone 1000 model allows for tone differentiation.  This is superior to electomechanical or air horns which only produce one tone which may be of similar frequency to the ambient noises produced by machinery.

The other prime area for signaling is in the control room.  Process alarms are usually used here to indicate high/low levels of pressure, etc.  The Microstack, Microstrobe, or MicroLED are recommended here.  In gas-fired systems an alarm is needed to alert if a “flame out” has occurred, and again any of our high-powered visual or audible alarms are applicable.

Normally the need for an evacuation and outdoor warning system is to warn about outside threats like earthquake or weather, rather than an in-plant explosion.

In oil fired plants the processes and applications are similar to coal plants with the exceptions of the pump house and pumping stations.  These are typically CID1, so the appropriately rated alarms are required.  Again, many process areas are loud and require strobe lights to augment audible warning alarms.

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