The 20% Rule

Do you want to reduce your response time by at least 20%? Integrating StrobeComII PreEmption in your Scorpion lightbar is a package that cannot be reckoned with. Only TOMAR can get you out of the garage, through the intersections, and into the gated areas. From budget to performance, your community will feel and be protected!

By the numbers

Reducing the number of lamps while increasing the output of your NFPA Compliant apparatus, not only reduces failure points, but also decreases the labor that is required for construction. Each Zone requirement is met with ONLY 2 Revolution Warning Series Lamps. There’s a reason why the Revolution Warning and Illumination Series has received so many awards!


A full range of options that comply with NFPA and elevate your safety! Choose from a series of packages from standard power or high power output, coded or uncoded preemption, high power takedowns, dual color flood light features, or customize your own!


The Award Winning Revolution Warning and Illumination Series works to clear the way and reduce chaos when you arrive on scene. Many patented features allow this waterproof lighting system to perform on year 5 as it did on its first run.


Expedite your response by incorporating a StrobeComII emitter on your apparatus. Whether it’s an existing apparatus or a new build, TOMAR offers a stand alone or integrated lightbar solution that will save your agency time and money.