Mounting Brackets
The universal mounting brackets, supplied standard with each lightbar, are ideal for mounting the lightbar on flat surfaces. All TRX brackets feature a two bolt system that allows you to adjust the angle of the lightbar then lock it in place. This effectively eliminates the problem of lamps dropping out of position while traversing rough terrain.

Tomar’s TRX Series Mounting Brackets allow you to adapt the lightbar to multiple configurations. Vehicle-specific mounting options are being added all the time, contact us for specific application options.

A. Single Lightbar U Mount Brkt 3” 6” 10”
B. Dual Lightbar Mtg Brkt
C. Vehicle Specific Hood Mount
D. Universal Mounting
E. 1.75 Tube Mount
F. Flange Mount 3” 6” 10”
G. Recess Mount Enclosure 3” 6” 10”
Custom mounts available for most models and years
A. Roof Mounts (Toyota Tundra shown)
B. Front Bumper Mounts (Toyota Tundra shown)
C. Hood Hinge Mounts (Toyota Tundra shown)
D. Rear Bumper Mounts (Toyota Tundra shown)
B. C. D.
Custom Grills avalable for most models and years  
(Chevy Tahoe Grill Shown) (Toyota Tundra Grill Shown)

Additional LED Lighting    

UC-LED ultra-high intensity underbody Rock LEDs allow you to light up the ground under and around your vehicle.

LEDs availible in White, Red,
Amber, Blue and Green
UC-LED Kit includes 4 lights and 4 bezels



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