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Founded in 1968 TOMAR has over 40 years experience in the development and manufacture of ruggedized, safety-related electronics for hostile environments and automotive applications.  Our philosophy of customer-focused, continuous product innovation as a means for growth has led to over fifteen US patents with additional applications pending.

TOMAR’s initial product offerings were emergency lighting products for heavy industry, based upon then relatively new xenon discharge, or “strobe”, technology.  Over 30 years later many of TOMAR’s first strobe products remain in production and are considered the standard for safety lighting in the product-punishing steel mill, petrochemical processing, offshore oil drilling, and material handling industries.

In the early 1980’s TOMAR turned its product development efforts toward the emergency vehicle lighting marketplace.  By applying our years of experience in strobe and LED lighting design and manufacture, TOMAR has become one of the largest suppliers of high performance, high reliability, mission critical emergency lighting for police vehicles, fire apparatus, and ambulances.  TOMAR's revolutionary NEOBE® lighting technology developed in 1990 removed all the wear-out mechanisms inherent in previous strobe products, reduced power consumption by 30% (nearly to LED levels - 10 years before the first LED products), increased conspicuity, and resulted in a line of light bars and lighting packages that is still unmatched in performance today except by TOMAR’s newest LED based technology.  Since 2003 TOMAR has been producing the industry’s best thermally engineered, most efficient, and brightest LED warning lights available.

In 1984, TOMAR brought its considerable industrial and automotive experience into the emergency vehicle preemption marketplace with the adaptation of our technology base to enhancing the performance and value of preemption emitters.  Before TOMAR’s entry into the industry, emitters were bulky, non-aerodynamic, and cost several thousand dollars per vehicle.  TOMAR developed a line of revolutionary emitters that were more powerful, smaller, far less expensive, and able to be integrated into existing lighting systems.  TOMAR has shipped thousands of emitters for use in our Strobecom II system as well as with competitive optical preemption systems.

For the past 17 years, TOMAR has manufactured complete optically based preemption and priority control systems.  TOMAR is currently the second largest manufacturer of preemption systems with over 10,000 intersections primarily in the US, Canada, and Australia.  TOMAR has enhanced the usefulness of preemption by developing inexpensive accessory equipment to allow gated communities to provide for automatic ingress and egress of emergency vehicles, saving precious time.  TOMAR is the only preemption company in the world that designs and manufactures all of its system’s equipment.  TOMAR is also the only company to offer revolutionary hack-proof preemption security with its IFF-style (identification friend or foe) elock emitter authenticator system.  TOMAR is the preemption leader and has driven preemption development since its entry into the market.

Through systematic development of key revolutionary, paradigm-shifting technologies, all aligned with the mission of helping to save lives and property by getting first responders to incidents more quickly and more safely, TOMAR has become the only company in the world to synthesize a completely integrated visual, audible, and right-of-way enhancing offering for increasing the safety and speed of emergency vehicle response from the fire station or police station to the scene.

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