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Controllers and Sirens

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948L-DCP Digital Siren & Control Panel

Siren and light controller
Tomar’s 948L-DCP digital siren and control panel features six programmable function switches, a three position progressive mode switch allowing Jump To Mode™ activation as well as a traffic direction switch for use with TOMAR LED or NEOBE® lightbars equipped with the traffic direction option or arrowsticks. The 948 has a comfortable rotory switch to select between siren tones or RRB. The control panel is backlit with LED indicators for easy identification and features a spill resistant housing.
  • Arrow function button
  • Three position progressive slide switch
  • Six independent auxiliary switches
  • LED indicator for directional arrow and warning modes
  • LED backlighting for night time visibility
  • Rotary switch for siren tone selection
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Item Description
948L-DCP Digital Siren and Control Panel
Item Description
948L-DCP Dimensions 173mm x 92mm x 44mm
(7″x 3.6″x 1.74″)
Operating Temperature Range -55°C to +65°C
Input Voltage Range 12 VDC