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Emergency Vehicle Packages

Product Catalog

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Chevrolet Tahoe

Under Carriage

Available in packages of 2 or 4 sets of RECT16s and rugged under vehicle mounts to increase the side warning visibility. Also available with RECT14s (TAH17-UC-R14).

Rear Hatch

Powerful recessed RECT14s that take ownership of your safety when the rear hatch is open!

Grille Warning

Increase your lower zone warning with this easy to install grille solution. The RECT16 has proven to be a powerful warning light for first responders across the globe. Its dual-mode technology increases your safety and provides a long lasting, waterproof solution. Mounting bracket included, but not shown.

Rear Side Windows

The TAH17-RS-200S uses the updated, high power, 200s series for powerful tint busting warning, perfectly placed to cover one of the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle. The easy to install interior bracket eliminates flashback inside the vehicle. Also available with RECT16s (TAH17-RS-R16)

Side Mirrors

Sleek but powerful mirror solutions that are easy to install! Dual-mode technology allows for increased officer safety!

Siren Speaker

Easy to install no drill 100W speaker bracket and speaker designed to use factory OEM mounting points.

Grille Combo

A powerful dual color warning, illumination and speaker solution for the front lower zone that utilizes the OEM mounting points on your Tahoe. Uses Four (4) powerful 12-LED dual color lamps.

License Plate

Tri color iLEDs mounted on a sturdy license plate bracket that will add extra warning and illumination safety to you and your vehicle. This multi function, multi color add-on can give you added rear tri color warning light, additional brake lights, extra white light illumination when backing, extra rear work lights, and another warning mode all in 1 easy to install product. Also available in dual color (TAH17-LP-D970H) and with RECT14s (TAH17-LP-R14).


948L digital siren and control panel features six programmable function switches, a three position progressive mode switch allowing Jump To Mode™ activation as well as a traffic direction switch for use with lightbars equipped with the traffic direction option or arrow sticks. The 948 has a comfortable rotory switch to select between siren tones or RRB. The control panel is backlit with LED indicators for easy identification and features a spill resistant housing.

Fog Light Solution

A perfect fit! These fog lamp replacement modules utilize the powerful iLED (TM) technology and functionality in a perfectly designed rugged bracket meant to fit onto OEM mounting points. Available in both dual color (TAH17-FL-D970) or tri-color (TAH17-FL-T970).

SC-411RS-Elite Force
Carson Siren

The Carson SC-411RS Elite Force single tone siren is one in a series of sirens developed for smaller spaces with the same options as a full console unit. This new remote siren introduces the new QuickClone® duplication technology making it easy to transfer option settings from one unit to another without the need for an external computer. The Elite Force also features a Splash resistant rubberized face with built-in push button switches and liquid repelling actuator flanges that allows for safe hydration inside the vehicle!

970L Scorpion Lightbar

The most rugged and reliable lightbar in the industry, just got more powerful! The low-profile, modern extruded aluminum design lets you take the Scorpion on or off road! The 970L lightbar includes many scalable features such as standard or high power LED single color warning modules, dual color warning modules, and takedown modules that allow you to see beyond what you saw before.

SPDF10T-EXP (Front)
SPDR12-EXP17 (Rear)

Front/Rear Interior Spider Lightbar

The Spider High Intensity, low profile, interior LED lightbar is a full featured bar with the light output of a full sized exterior lightbar. Designed to mount in the upper front windshield or rear deck and customized for all popular emergency response vehicles the low profile design is perfect for undercover and slick top vehicles. The shroud fits snugly along the contour of the windshield to prevent flashback. Ten (10) specially designed high power 6 LED modules, two 45° intersection clearing modules plus two, adjustable angle, flashing takedown modules insure optimum light output even through heavy window tint for forward facing warning. We also have your back with twelve (12) specially designed high power 6 LED modules that includes a traffic advisor function for your rear safety.


TRX Tactical Series

The TRX Tactical series lightbars combine the power of the TRX illumination lights with Tomar’s high intensity warning lights. The TRT series includes all the features of the TRX series lightbars plus warning modules in Amber, Blue, Red or Green. Models that comply with SAE, CCR 13, and ECE 65 are available!

iLED Series

Dominate your safety using warning, illumination, and design! The iLED™ series delivers unprecedented functionality in an extremely rugged platform unlike anything else in the industry. It provides the best option to keep you and your team safe, even in the worst lighting conditions. Adaptable for a variety of horizontal and vertical applications with optics specifically designed for both. The 4 user programmable modes allow an element of safety that has never before been seen!