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Fire Alarm Pull Stations

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Break Glass Cover

This oversize cover for the RMS Series pull stations is made of heavy gage steel and offers the user the proven glass break deterrent. Two unique features include a glass slot which expels glass through the bottom, minimizing possible injury when activating the device. Optionally, the Break Glass Cover offers key-lock access allowing quick and convenient testing without removing screws or fasteners.

The Break Glass Cover mounts readily between device and wall without having to remove wires.

  • Deters vandalism
  • Heavy gauge steel construction (14 gage)
  • Key lock option
  • Automatically expels glass when broken
  • Mounts readily to wall
  • Available in standard red or, blue, green, yellow, white, black, gray, purple, and orange
Item Description
Dimensions Width -6.6in
Height – 7.375in
Depth – 2.25in
Weight 1.42 lb
Ordering Information
Model Description
NC-BGC Oversize Break Glass Cover
NGC Replacement Glass