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Hazardous Location and Explosion Proof

Audible – IECEx/ATEX

Tomar Electronics flameproof BExS110 & GNExS1 alarm sounders.

Audible – UL/CSA

TOMAR’s 1002WEP Explosion-Proof POWER ALARM® siren,D1xL2F loudspeaker and D1xS1F/D1xS2F high output alarm sounder.

Combination – IECEx/ATEX

Tomar Electronics flameproof BExCS110-05-R/BExCL110-L2-R and D1xC1X05R/D1xC2X10R high output alarm horn sounder

Combination – UL/CSA

The Tomar D1xC1X05R/D1xC2X10R high output alarm horn sounder with omni-directional radial horn combined with a Xenon strobe beacon.

Visual – IECEx/ATEX

Tomar Electronics flameproof BExBGL LED beacon, BExBG05 xenon beacon, GNExB2L explosion proof high output LED multifunction beacon, and GNExB2X10/GNExB2X15 approved explosion proof Xenon beacon.

Visual – UL/CSA

Tomar Electronics hazardous location strobe and high power explosion proof strobe.