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Warning Series LED Lighting

Warning Series:

Responding to emergency calls is one of the most dangerous things you do. TOMAR designed the Revolution Illumination Series to ‘clear’ the chaos and remove the risk. TOMAR’s patented technology combined with the latest LED technology available, create one of the most rugged and reliable surface mounted warning lights in the industry. Reliable performance – by design.

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Features and Benefits of Warning Series
  • Dual Mode, Multi-Purpose Lighting in 1 lamp for extreme versatility and safety
  • High Intensity Warning and Work LED lights
  • Single, Dual, or Tri Color Options Available
  • Wide angle optical lens for maximum light output
  • Each lamp can be programmed to be an intelligent lamp, or connected to an existing control system
  • Surface mounted to eliminate the need to make cutouts in your vehicle
  • Chrome and Black Bezels Available for a finished, professional appearance
  • SAE and EC65 Compliant Models
  • Meets CA Title 13
  • No Hassle 5 Year Warranty


Item Description
Voltage 12 thru 28VDC
Current Draw
+12.8VDC 24VDC
R37 Warning Lamp 1.6A 0.9A
R79 Warning Lamp 3.2A 1.8A
Size R37: 7.23w x 3.04h x 1.171d (18.59cm x 7.72cm x 2.97cm)

R79: 9.125w x 7.125h x 1.115d (23.18cm x 18.10cm x 2.83cm)