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Optical Preemption and Priority Control System

Optical traffic preemption

STROBECOM II is an Optical Preemption System designed and engineered to help emergency service professionals reach their destination quickly and safely. By communicating with the traffic control system located at each intersection, the approaching emergency vehicles are given a “green” light before entering the intersection, thus creating the ability to move through heavy traffic situations. STROBECOM II significantly increases the efficiency of the emergency response teams and allows them to reach their destinations SAFELY with DECREASED RESPONSE TIMES.

STROBECOM II is more than just emergency preemption. The same equipment can be used to monitor an intersections timing and extend green phases or add green to the beginning of a phase in order to keep your city’s transit vehicles on schedule without significantly upsetting the traffic control system.

STROBECOM II increases safety and convenience, providing a better quality of life for your community.

STROBECOM II – System Components
  • OSP Cards and Card Cages
    The Optical Signal Processor (OSP) receives the electrical signals from the optical preemption Detectors.
  • Optical Detectors
    TOMAR’s newest optical detector series. The Detector senses optical signals sent from vehicles up to 2500 feet from the intersection.
  • Emitters
    The Emitter generates an encoded optical signal for identifying the vehicle.
    Fire station mounted emitter system for emergency vehicles leaving a fire station.
  • 2087
    LED confirmation light driver provides drive signals to up to four 24VDC LED confirmation lamps.
  • Detector Cable
    Cable is made specifically for connecting STROBECOM Optical Preemption Detectors to the Optical Signal Processors
  • M3880 Cable
    The M3880 confirmation light cable is used as the communication cable between the 2087 and the confirmation light.
STROBECOM II – Accessories