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Hand Held Detector Tester

NOTICE: Restricted Item

The sale of this item is restricted to state and local governments and to authorized distributors only.

The model 1760–14 Emergency band or 1760–10 Transit band hand held tester is battery operated and used to test activate STROBECOM® and STROBESWITCH™ detectors. Simply point it at the detector and press the button. It looks, feels, and works just like a garage door opener except that it uses a crystal controlled frequency code generator to operate an LED to simulate an optical strobe emitter.


Emergency Band Hand Held Tester

Transit Band Hand Held Tester

Item Description
Range up to 10 feet
Frequnecy Control Crystal controlled solid-state digital oscillator
Output LED Invisible IR type narrow beam width
Battery 9 volt alkaline transistor type
Size Height 0.94” ( 23.9mm )
Length 4.81” ( 122.1mm )
Width 2.25” ( 57.2mm )
Weight ( with battery ) 0.24lbs ( 0.109kg )

Covers all STROBECOM II components. Unlike other manufacturers, TOMAR’s 10-year warranty has NO fees or charges for warranty repairs after 5 years.