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M3880 Cable

Confirmation Light Cable

The M3880 STROBECOM® confirmation light cable is made specifically as the communication cable between the 2087 Confirmation light driver and the confirmation light (Not required when using the 4140V2 or OSPOCV2 Series cards along with IC Series Detectors). M3880 cable is available in 500, 1000, and 2500 foot reels.
Item Description
Cable Type – Unshielded
Nominal O.D. over jacket – .208” maximum
Conductors Quantity -2
Gauge – AWG #18 (16 x 30) stranding
Conductor Material – tinned copper strands
Insulation – Color-Coded PVC Insulation 0.016″, Gray
PVC Jacket
Electrical Properties Voltage Rating – 300 V rms
Capacitance – 33pf/ft @ 1 kHz, Nominal Conductor
to Conductor
Inductance – 0.18 µH/ft, Noninal
Conductor DCR – 7.1 Ω/1000ft @ 20°C, Nominal
Jacket Minimum average wall thickness – .020″
Temperature rating – -20 to +80 °C (AWM), +75 °C(CM)
Voltage rating – 300V
Material – PVC, Gray