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Traffic Control

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Optical Preemption Emitters

An Emitter is a Xenon strobe light system which is mounted on Emergency and Transit vehicles or within our Heliobe™ lightbars.

The Emitter generates an optical signal. This signal is received by Strobecom II detectors located at the traffic intersection. The emitter is normally wired so that it automatically activates when the emergency lighting is active. TOMAR emitters also include an automatic shutoff, which can be connected to the vehicles parking brake or neutral safety switch. When the vehicle is in park or neutral, the emitter is automatically shut off preventing intersection lockup.

Optical Preemption Emitter Systems
    Fire Station Mounted Emitter System

Covers the 209x-SD and all STROBECOM II components. Unlike other manufacturers, TOMAR’s 10-year warranty has NO fees or charges for warranty repairs after 5 years.