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Traffic Control

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4140 OSP Accessories

The 2140–GPMON is an 8-phase, optically isolated, green signal monitor. When attached to the 2140 or 3140 OSP expansion port, the condition of an intersection’s green signal heads is logged with each preemption event. The 2140–GPMON allows the 2140 or 3140 OSP to provide early green priority control for transit applications.

The 2085 External Preemption Adapter allows the 2140 or 3140 OSP to be used with traffic controllers that do not have built in preempt software. The 2085 interfaces to the controller’s OMIT, MCE, and INTERVAL ADVANCE lines to effect preemption. Desired green phases and phase advance rates are selected via dip switches. Separate settings are provided for emergency and transit band.

The 2086 Low Priority Output Module provides separate steady-state transit band outputs allowing the 2140 or 3140 OSP to be used with traffic controllers that cannot recognize the standard pulsing signal for low priority preempts.

Covers the 4140 OSP and all STROBECOM II components. Unlike other manufacturers, TOMAR’s 10-year warranty has NO fees or charges for warranty repairs after 5 years.