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Traffic Control

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4140V2 Optical Signal Processor

with 1881 Card Cage and Wire Harness

The Optical Signal Processor (OSP) receives the electrical signals from the optical preemption Detectors. While being received, the signals are processed to determine if the vehicle is a valid emergency or transit vehicle.

The OSP is connected directly to the preemption inputs of the traffic controller in the intersection in which it is installed. When a vehicle’s signal is accepted as valid, the OSP sends a preemption request to the proper input of the traffic controller.

The traffic controller then safely manipulates the traffic signals according to a preprogrammed algorithm. Depending on where the traffic controller was in its normal routine the vehicle will receive a “Green Light” after a minimum of 3 or more seconds. Traffic signals which are already green will stay green until the vehicle passes.

If multiple vehicles are being received, they are prioritized to determine which vehicle should be given the right of way. If vehicles are of equal priority, right of way is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

4140V2 OSP

4140 with 1881 Card Cage
The TOMAR 4140V2 Optical Signal Processor offers the following features and benefits:

    • INTEGRATED CONFIRMATION technology powers IC enabled 4000 series TOMAR Strobecom II detectors to be powered and controlled over the standard preemption detector cable. No additional power supplies, mounting, programming, or wiring required.
    • TRUE CONFIRMATION, when combined with INTEGRATED CONFIRMATION is the only preemption system that provides real, closed-loop, visual feedback to vehicle drivers that the intersection is in preempt
    • Active Reflection Suppression prevents cross street preemption due to reflected emitter energy. TOMAR’s advanced digital signal processing eliminates this troublesome side effect making detector installation and setup far less critical.
    • PLUG-and-PLAY firmware allows the addition of detectors and other accessories to the system without manual configuration. Buy only the equipment needed today and add more capability later saving precious funds.
    • Expansion Port provides easy connection of the 4140V2 series to other accessory modules

    The 4140VP OSP is compatible with NEMA TS-1, TS-2, and CA/NY 170, and 2070 controllers and meets all NEMA and CalTrans environmental requirements. The 4140 plugs directly into a 170 input file without any additional hardware and does not use the internal 24VDC cabinet power. For NEMA cabinets without prewired preemption slots, the TOMAR model 1881 rack provides the necessary hardware and harnessing to allow simple connection to detector outputs and controller inputs.

The 1881 Card Cage provides all the necessary hardware and harnessing required to allow the simple wiring of the 2140 card to the detector outputs and controller inputs. The 1881 is equipped with two 60” long cables which are wired to the controller. The first cable carries all 115 VAC power wiring, safety ground, and card outputs. The second cable is terminated to a 12 point terminal block which is typically mounted in the wiring compartment of the cabinet. The detectors are then connected to the terminal block.
True 10 year warranty!

10 year warranty covers the 4140 Series and all STROBECOM II components. Unlike other manufacturers,
TOMAR’s ten year warranty has NO fees or charges for warranty repairs after five years.

NOTICE: The sale of these items are restricted to state and local governments and to be authorized distributors only.