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Ambulance Scene Packages

The AMBSYS–04 Ambulance Scene Package is a set of six RECT–79HWB–C white reflector flood lights installed in RECT–79–15–DEG, 15° mounting bezels which angle the light down. This package is ideal for installation on ambulance boxes or other public service vehicles in need of flood lights.

The AMBSYS–05 Ambulance Scene Package is a set of six RECT–79HWB–CX3 silver reflector flood lights. The RECT–79HWB–CX3 flood lights have a chrome outer edge that surrounds the lamps giving the light a built-in-bezel look; therefore, no need for additional bezel costs.

shown in RECT–79–15–DEG bezel


Ordering Information
Model No. Description
AMBSYS-04 6 RECT–79HWB–C 7” x 9” flood lamps
6 RECT–79–15–DEG mounting bezels ( mounted with lamp )
AMBSYS-05 6 RECT–79HWB–CX3 7” x 9” flood lamps
Item Description
Lamp Type 890 12.8V Halogen Lamp
Voltage and Amperage 12VDC draws 2.5A per halogen bulb