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LED Ambulance System

The TOMAR model LED-AMBSYS-01 Ambulance Emergency Warning Light System produces the “KKK” lighting pattern. The LED controller is shipped completely assembled and includes terminal blocks for power and control wiring termination to make installation easy and error free. The LED controller is covered by a 5 year warranty. A two gang switch is included for mode and intensity control.






AMBSYS-SW2 Switch Panel

LED-AMBSYS-01 System Includes:
  • 1 930L-24-KKK LED Flasher
  • 4 RECT–37L–R grill and front fender lamps
  • 8 RECT–79L–R corner lamps
  • 2 RECT–79L–W front center (or 1 RECT-79HWB-C)
  • 1 RECT–79L–A rear center
  • 11 RECT–79Z bezel
  • 4 RECT–37–SMFP bezel
  • 1 AMBSYS-SW2 Switch Panel
Item Description
Voltage and Amperage 12VDC Primary Mode: 14 lights ( when using optional 2 rear lightheads, amperage draw increases by approximately 10% )
Day 12.5A average
Night 7A averageSecondary Mode:
9 lights,
Day 8A average
Night 4.5A average
Operation Per Federal Ambulance Specification No. KKK–A–1822E