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TOMAR Electronics Inc. has designed and manufactured industry leading emergency signaling products in the U.S.A. since 1968.

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The SA-400M Classic Mechanical is aptly named. Building on the foundation of the “industry standard” SA-400 Classic, this next generation siren combines the rugged dependability of its predecessor with a classic Mechanical tone, powerful, Carson “Stutter” Air Horn and distinctive silver look. The result… a premium siren that effectively clears intersections by delivering that “Big Engine” sound that makes drivers instinctively pull over.

  • Rugged 100/200 watt amplifier
  • Reliable six position rotary switch features Radio-Repeat, Wail, Yelp, Phaser or optional Two-Tone/HiLo, and Mechanical siren tones with push-button override for Manual and “Stutter” Air Horn
  • Dip switch programmable options allow siren to be customized for each installation
  • Carson “Stutter” Air Horn provides that distinctive “Big Engine” air horn sound without the need for bulky air tanks and compressors
  • Splash resistant face is ideal for demanding environments by protecting internal circuitry from liquids
  • Hands-free Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) enables siren tone selection through the horn ring for pursuit or rescue situations
  • Noise canceling microphone with P.A. override and volume control
  • LED backlit for nighttime visibility
  • Detachable microphone (DM)
  • 28 volt option also available