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TOMAR Electronics Inc. has designed and manufactured industry leading emergency signaling products in the U.S.A. since 1968.

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The 943 Switch Box is a compact, programmable, full function lighting controller featuring two warning
mode switches, two auxiliary switches, a step through arrow switch, a dedicated dim switch that can be
used as a third auxiliary switch and a progressive system off switch. The switch panel incorporates
LED backlighting and LED switch indicator lights for easy day or night readability. 943 six LED indicator
panel provides visual indication of warning mode, left arrow, right arrow or center out activation. Each
switch is rated for 5 amps with a system total of 12 amps. An optional universal mounting bracket isavailable.


Item Description
943 Dimensions 142mm x 66mm x 25mm (5.625″x 2.625″x 1″)
Operating Temperature Range 55°C to +65°C
Input Voltage Range 12 VDC
Output Each switch is rated at 5A, combined current not to exceed 12A

Ordering Information

943-SB Digital Switch Box
943-MTGBKT Universal mounting bracket