3001 Xenon Strobe Tube for 700 Series Strobes & 7000 Series Power Strobes




Designed to provide long-lasting, powerful lights for emergency systems, the TOMAR Electronics 3001 Xenon Strobe Tube is a reliable replacement tube that you can count on. With a maximum voltage of 600 volts and average output of 20 watts, this strobe-light replacement delivers the power you need for flashing lights and emergency systems. Whether you need to set up a warning beacon in a building, a security alert at home, or blinking lights to caution oncoming traffic, these replacement flash tubes can help to establish safety. Designed to be used in a wide variety of applications, these flash bulbs can be used with the TOMAR 700 series strobe light and the 3000ML and 3200ML power strobes. These bulbs are easily replaceable and can be plugged in quickly. Add the TOMAR Electronics 3001 Xenon Strobe Tubes to your lighting supplies today so you can be prepared for emergency situations.

  • EASY-FIT REPLACEMENT BULBS: This light tube is designed to be used in strobe lights and emergency lighting products. It’s fitted for easy plug-in replacement so you can be ready for whatever emergency comes your way.
  • LONG-LASTING LIGHTS: Designed for safety and reliability, these flash tubes are durable and long-lasting, so you can rely on them in any kind of emergency. Whether you want a strobe light for roadside emergencies or fire alarm systems, these replacement bulbs were made for you. 
  • POWERFUL BULBS: To alert people of an emergency, you need powerful lights that will catch their attention. Although these bulbs are small, they provide a powerful beam. With an average output of 20 watts, a minimum output of 180 volts, and a maximum voltage of 600 volts, these strobe-light bulbs deliver the power that you need.
  • VERSATILE LAMPS: These bulbs have a wide variety of applications. They can be used with the TOMAR 700 series strobe light and the 3000ML and 3200ML power strobes.
  • TOMAR ELECTRONICS: For over 40 years, TOMAR Electronics has been innovating and improving illumination and lighting technology to keep first responders, emergency-response personnel, and others safe. Whether you’re in an automotive, home security, or public emergency, you can rely on our products.
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