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Revolution llumination Series LED Scenelights

TOMAR‘s award-winning Revolution Illumination Series is the most cutting edge scene light on the market and takes the guesswork out of lighting up your scene. In addition to all of the standard features of TOMAR’s Revolution series, the efficient Clear Vision Optic system produces more usable light and optimized performance from each lumen. To help demonstrate this, we put the TOMAR illumination series against some of the leading competitors 7 x 9“ tilt down scene lights which cost over twice as much. From above, you can see the Tomar Revolution Series’ uncompromising performance. By combining this type of efficient performance with TOMAR‘s patented vibration welding sealing process, your department gets long lasting reliable performance with less electrical strain to the vehicle. Combined with a 5-year warranty and assembled in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR’s Revolution Illumination lights are the clear choice for your next build.

Revolution Series, Revolution Illumination, TOMAR Electronics Inc.TOMAR in #2 – leading competitors in #1 & #3

Revolution Series, Revolution Illumination, TOMAR Electronics Inc.Which Scene Lighting Scenario Would You Prefer?

  • Extreme Scene Illumination to make your scene safe
  • Internal optics for maximum scene illumination without the need to angle lightheads for easier installation
  • Surface mounted to eliminate the need to make cutouts in your vehicle
  • Optics Available in Flood, Spot, or 13 Degree Up/Down Angled Flood
  • 12 (Model: R37) or 24 (Model: R79) of the the latest, most reliable, high intense, and highly efficient LEDs to keep your scene illuminated brighter and longer
  • Chrome and Black Bezels Available for a finished, professional appearance
  • No UV light emission that attracts bugs or insects
  • No Hassle 5 year warranty



Revolution Series, Revolution Illumination, TOMAR Electronics Inc.



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3×7, 4×6, 7×9



Beam Angle

13° Tilt Down / 85° Flood, 6.5° Spot, 85° Flood


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