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TOMAR Electronics Inc. has designed and manufactured industry leading emergency signaling products in the U.S.A. since 1968.


From: $277.33

7x9 High Output LED Scene Light
85° flood
White color
*Chrome Bezel sold separately.

7x9 surface mount chrome coated ABS bezel

7x9 surface mount black Lexan bezel



Illumination Series LED Scenelights

Chaotic scenes put you and those around the scene at great risk. TOMAR designed the Revolution Illumination Series to ‘clear’ the chaos and remove the risk. TOMAR’s patented technology combined with the latest LED technology available, create one of the most rugged and reliable surface mounted scene lights in the industry. Scene safe – by design.

Features and Benefits of the Illumination Series
  • Extreme Scene Illumination to make your scene safe
  • Internal optics for maximum scene illumination without the need to angle lightheads for easier installation
  • Surface mounted to eliminate the need to make cutouts in your vehicle
  • Optics Available in Flood, Spot, or 13 Degree Up/Down Angled Flood
  • 12 (Model: R37) or 24 (Model: R79) of the the latest, most reliable, high intense, and highly efficient LEDs to keep your scene illuminated brighter and longer
  • Chrome and Black Bezels Available for a finished, professional appearance
  • No UV light emission that attracts bugs or insects
  • No Hassle 5 year warranty


Item Description
Voltage 12 thru 28VDC
Current Draw
+12.8VDC 24VDC
R37 Scenelight 3.3A 1.7A
R79 Scenelight 6.6A 3.4A
Size R37: 7.23w x 3.04h x 1.171d (18.59cm x 7.72cm x 2.97cm)

R79: 9.125w x 7.125h x 1.115d (23.18cm x 18.10cm x 2.83cm)

Revolution Scene Illumination Models

Model Pattern Volts Amps
R37L-S 6.5o Spot 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R37L-F 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R37L-13 13o Tilt Down / 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R46L-S* 6.5o Spot 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R46L-F* 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R46L-13* 13o Tilt Down / 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 3.3A/1.7A
R79L-S 6.5o Spot 12.8/24 VDC 6.6A/3.4A
R79L-F 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 6.6A/3.4A
R79L-13 13o Tilt Down / 85o Flood 12.8/24 VDC 6.6A/3.4A


Product Documentation
3D Model

R79 Lamp Assembly

You will need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view the documentation on our web site.