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TOMAR Electronics Inc. has designed and manufactured industry leading emergency signaling products in the U.S.A. since 1968.

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RECT-14LS + Vert Windshield Scoop + Cigar plug

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The Self-contained windshield units are available with your choice of LED color and windshield scoop or the windshield scoop with a cigar plug.

TOMAR’s RECT-14LS dual channel, ultra high intensity, LED warning light delivers a huge impact in a small footprint. Dual channels offer independent function of up to two lamp colors with dozens of user-selectable modes.

Made of optical Lexan and hermetically sealed, this one piece, fit anywhere design makes installation a breeze. At only 4.5 ” x 1.25″ x .75″ the RECT-14LS is one of the smallest warning lights on the market to meet SAE J845, SAE J595.

The RECT-14LS’s compact size makes it the perfect auxiliary light for all the hard to fit locations. Mount directly to the body, the rearview mirror, grille or the license plate. A complete line of brackets means you can mount this light practically anywhere.

Features and Benefits
  • 4 ultra-high intensity LEDs
  • Available in single or dual colors
  • Multiple user selectable flash patterns
  • LEDs available in red, blue, amber, green and white
  • Meets SAE J845, SAE J595
  • Full array of mounting bracket options
  • Five Year warranty


Item Description
Size 3.75″ Wide x 1.2″ High x .70″ Deep
Current Draw .45 Amp avg.
Input Voltage 12/24 VDC.
Operating Temperature Range -55°C to +65°C

Ordering Information

Item Description
RECT-14BKT-WSM Windshield Scoop Only
RECT-14BKT-WSMV Vert Windshield Scoop Only
WSM-14LS-A RECT-14 + Windshield Scoop
WSMCP-14LS-A RECT-14 + Windshield Scoop + CIGAR PLUG
WSMV-14LS-A RECT-14 + Vert Windshield Scoop
WSMVCP-14LS-A RECT-14 + Vert Windshield Scoop + CIGAR PLUG


Product Documentation

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