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The model 500P family is a low profile single flash strobe light featuring a wide input voltage range of 12–28VDC, universal mounting, Lexan® lens, high efficiency regulated solid state potted power supply, and heavy duty xenon strobe lamp. All units are polarity protected and have built-in filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. The model 500P features a fully potted, Lexan®, multi-purpose mounting base which is vibration and water resistant, and a field replaceable plug-in strobe lamp.Meets FAA Advisory Circular No: AC 150/5210-5D light intensity specifications for Airport Operations Vehicles, Airport Security Vehicles, Airfield Service Vehicles, Aircraft Support Vehicles, and TLTV Aircraft Tow Vehicles.

  • 12 – 28VDC
  • Universal mounting
  • Built-in RFI filters
  • Solid state power supply
  • Xenon strobe lamp
  • Available in amber, blue, clear, green, purple, and red
  • 2 year warranty on power supply
  • 1 year warranty on lamp
  • NEMA 4X
  • Meets FAA AC 150/5210-5D
Ordering Information
Model Description Voltage
500P–1228 DC strobe, 1/2” female pipe mount 12 – 28VDC
500PMB–1228 DC strobe, magnetic base with 10’ coil cord 12 – 28VDC
500PMBSC–1228 DC strobe, magnetic base with 10’ straight cord 12 – 28VDC
Item Description
Flash Rate 70 to 90 flashes per minute
Light Output 200 effective candlepower (ECP)* from 0ᵒ horizontal up to 10ᵒ above the horizontal
Voltage and Amperage 12-28VDC draws 0.8A average @ 12VDC tapering to 0.4A average @ 24VDC
Power Supply Output 8 Watts 6 joules per flash. 600,000 peak candlepower**
Size and Weight 5.25” tall x 5.5” dia. x 2.0 lbs ( 133mm x 140mm x 0.9kg )
Pipe Mount Use 1/2-14 NPSL Straight Pipe Thread
Architect and Engineer Specifications

The visual warning signaling device shall be Tomar model 500P or approved equal. The light source shall be a plug-in field replaceable single-flash xenon strobe tube. The strobe light shall have a Lexan® lens and universal mount base. The warning signal must have built-in RFI filters to protect against radio interference and spike voltages. It shall be polarity protected, and have a power supply fully potted in polyurethane. The power supply output shall be 8 watts and generate 6 joules per flash. Voltage shall be multiple input of 12-28VDC. Strobe light shall be designed to accept a dome guard, 180 degree lens blackout, and straight or coiled cigar plug.

*ECP (Effective Candlepower) is the intensity that would appear to an observer if the light were burning steadily.
**Peak Candlepower is the maximum light intensity generated by a flashing light during its light pulse.

Additional information


Magnetic Base, Surface


10' Coiled Cord, 10' Straight Cord, N/A

Strobe Lens Color

Amber, Blue, Clear, Green, Purple, Red


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