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The Envelope of Safety™


The Envelope of Safety™ articulates the potential elements of risk surrounding any given set of hazardous situations – from the single individual at risk to the entire community. By designing and engineering our products with the Envelope of Safety™ at top of mind, Tomar Electronics builds products that help to mitigate risk for all elements of the EOS™.

“No situational plan survives deployment in the field.” When your situation meets the real world, the real world wins without an intentional standards-based response.  That intentional response determines success and survival. The Envelope of Safety™ (EOS™) standards encompass the complete deployment field and everything in it.  EOS™ “clears the way” for those who deploy!

Stay tuned for more information about how Tomar products and packages of products can help you mitigate risks for multiple elements of the EOS™.

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The Envelope of Safety™ is a concept or theme that permeates and defines every product division at Tomar Electronics. This theme defines a commitment to the safety of our end users from first responders to industrial and private entities. There are three major product divisions which are encompassed by the Envelope of Safety ™. These are emergency lighting, preemption, and industrial products. The Envelope of Safety™ is your assurance as a customer that you are buying state of the art, rugged and long-lasting products designed and manufactured specifically with your safety in mind.