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Breaking News for First Responders!

Tomar Electronics and Carson Manufacturing announce a partnership that will support first responders and the communities they serve.  This partnership brings together the industry’s best in rugged signaling and illumination for those most at risk; first responders!  This partnership expands the Envelope of Safety for all those rugged first responder situations where “Clearing the Way” for flawless execution is expected by those at risk.

For over 70 years Carson has been manufacturing rugged, and reliable products that are “Tough to the Core.”   These products clear the way for victims and first responders by continuously improving technology, service and product dependability for those at risk.

In the new year Tomar will celebrate 50 years of designing and manufacturing rugged Envelope of Safety products for the first responders and the communities they serve.  Tomar is an ISO certified manufacturer with over 30 patents and the recent innovation award winner for its newest Revolution Warning and Illumination product.

The combined 120 years of design, manufacturing and product delivery for those brave men and women who give everything of themselves for their community will now be raised to the power of 2.  This partnership aligns two of the industry’s most celebrated leaders.  The history of both organizations cover multiple generations of “Clearing the Way” to those at risk for those who risk their lives under the most rugged of First Responder conditions.

If you are a First Responder or responsible for First Responders performing in  rugged conditions, sign up to see what the next 120 years of effort will do to clear the way to those at risk for those serving in rugged conditions.

Sign up for more information coming from your NEW Rugged and Reliable Partners!!

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